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Crow FW2 Smoke Detector

Crow FW2 Smoke Detector

♦ Crow FW2 Smoke Detector – Crow’s FW2-SMK photoelectric smoke detector has an advanced optical sensing photoelectric chamber, 10 year’s battery life and communicates using the Freewave 2-way ISM protocol.

FW2-SMK has an 85dB on-board siren, can communicate through apps to deliver alerts for alarm, tamper, supervision and low battery supervision to phones or other mobile device if an alarm occurs.

It features GFSK with 5 frequencies, as well as LBT, communicates up to 500 metres line of sight, is powered by a pair of 3V lithium 3V/3500mAh batteries. The unit displays LED indications when in alarm and has an audible tone for test mode.

Detection sensitivity is 2.3 + 1.2 per cent/ft, current consumption average is 15uA, EMI rejection is up to 2GHz > 10 V/m, operating temperature -10C to 55C, dimensions are 125mm x 38mm, weight is 235g, and the unit has EN14604 compliance.

Distributor: CSM
Contact: 1300 663 904

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