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Crow Quad Pyro SH-PIR

Crow Quad Pyro SH-PIR

♦ Crow Quad Pyro SH-PIR – CSM is distributing the SH-PIR from Crow, a supervised mirror optic 2-way wireless detector offering motion detection, tamper protection, low battery and supervision, that can be configured over-the-air.

The SH-PIR has a quad element pyroelectric sensor, employs 2-way Freewave 2 communications and features GFSK with 5 frequencies and LBT, and operating frequencies of 868MHz or 916MHz, with identifications supplied by a unique 24-bit serial number.

Event transmissions include alarm, tamper, supervision, low battery and keep alive mode, and there’s 7-minute default polling configurable from 1-30 minutes, wireless range of 500 metres line of sight, while power is from a 3V Lithium CR123A offering a battery life of 5 years at a consumption of 15uA, rising to 24mA when receiving and 45mA when transmitting.

The SH-PIR has tampers on the front cover and for wall removal, a detection range of 12 metres, pet immunity up to 25kg, operating temperature range of -10C to 55C, dimensions of 112 x 58 x 45mm, weight of 120 grams and compliance with EN50131 Security Grade 2 Class II. There are also bi-colour LED indicators for status.

Contact CSM for more information.

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