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CSD Distributing Full Range of Tactical Power Products

CSD’s Mark Edwards says the company is proud to represent the complete range of Tactical Power Products (TPP).

“TPP brings to the market Australian designed and manufactured ultra-quiet, high efficiency, switch mode power supplies and accessories,” Edwards says.

The accessories consist of power distribution modules (PDM), relays, power converters and timers. Due to the modular design of the power supplies and accessories, multiple variations can be supplied in 3-sized, zinc-plated steel enclosures.

“Tactical’s range of power supplies allows users to have confidence their security system is protected against power surges and mains fails,” says Edwards.

“PDM’s in this range minimise the likelihood of total system shutdown in the event of a short circuit – to find out more, contact your local CSD branch.”

Distributor: CSD
Contact: 1300 319 499 or visit: csd.com.au


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