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Cut Cable Costs With RISCO

Cut Cable Costs With RISCO

♦ Cut cable costs with RISCO bus detectors, distributed locally by LSC. These sensors offer installers a way to significantly reduce cable and labour costs for hard-wired systems.

RISCO BWare bus detectors allow installers to utilise a simplified daisy-chain wiring architecture, where detectors are wired in a line using a single 4-core cable. This wiring strategy significantly reduces the amount of cable required across the entire system when compared to the star pattern wiring technique used in traditional of hardwired system.

“Daisy-chain wiring is particularly suited to long cable runs with PIR and reed switches along the way, making it perfect for commercial applications in areas such as corridors or storage facilities” said Rhys Saxon, head of product and technical services, and product manager for RISCO at LSC.

“Using RISCO BUS detectors also allows installers to remotely adjust sensitivity, anti-mask, and LED settings without the need to attend site,” Saxon said.

RISCO BWare bus detectors have an additional terminal inside them to allow for a traditional zone to be included within a bus system. Alternatively, installers can utilise a single zone Bus expander to convert a traditional detector into a bus detector.

The RISCO BWare bus detectors offer 15m coverage and are available as a Grade 2 dual tech, Grade 3 dual tech with anti-mask or Grad 3 quad tech.

Contact your local LSC team for more information.

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