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Cyber Secure Access Control Systems


Physical security is a key element of cybersecurity and according to Genetec there are 5 key pillars end users and security integrators must focus on during applications.

A high-security access control system will ensure that only authorized people have physical access to restricted areas. It also acts as a deterrent and also proactively detect intrusion attempts, allowing an organization to intervene and prevent further harmful repercussions.

However, ensuring that systems are secure does not mean placing new constraints on users. Access control should be frictionless and instinctive to avoid interfering with the movements of company employees and visitors. It must also take into account human safety during the current health crisis and incorporate technologies to limit contact.

Cyber secure access control involves combining several requirements:

* Assuring a level of physical security that obstructs cyber threats ;
* Aiding compliance with health restrictions ;
* Offering frictionless solutions that users can readily take ownership of.

According to Genetec, to achieve this, 5 key aspects need to be observed – practical and high security physical and virtual badges, robust readers with end-to-end security, automated access rights management, open and interoperable technologies, anticipation of technical developments and technology partnerships.

You can read more about cyber secure access control in Genetec’s whitepaper here.




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