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Cyber Security of IP CCTV Cameras

Over the last few weeks there’s been a lot of talk about cyber security risks with IP cameras. Is there a core group of things installers and integrators need to do to avoid the risks on behalf of clients?

A: Education is the key thing. Buying a book is highly recommended. Books aren’t just information heavy, you’re not as distracted by notifications as you read them. You don’t want network security to be something you don’t understand. And open dialogue with industry colleagues.

In terms of defence, you need to be careful of port forwarding vulnerabilities. Be sure to change passwords – most cameras force you to do so on setup. You then need to manage passwords – there are automated apps for this now. Be sure that you use HTTPS, not HTTP. Disable web crawling and block unauthorised attempts to access ports after 3 attempts.

You can also filter IP addresses, use X.509 Certificates to authenticate recordings and use VLANs. Stay in contact with manufacturers, which more than ever, are focused on ensuring the cyber security of their cameras. This will involve keeping firmware up to date. And stay up with the latest cyber security threats.


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