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Dahua 4G Solar First Impressions

Dahua 4G Solar First Impressions

♦ Dahua 4G Solar First Impressions – Dahua’s 4G solar solution incorporates a 2MP fixed lens WizSense camera with IR, a solar panel, MPPT controller and lithium battery combined in an integrated mount.

There’s RJ45 as well as RS485 comms to go with the 4G, the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charging controller converts over voltage to charging amps, making the solar array 30 per cent more efficient, and the charging system features current limiting, overvoltage, over-discharge, and reverse connection protection.

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Providing visuals are Dahua’s 2MP WizSense 4G network camera with a ½.8-inch sensor, IP67 protection against dust and water, a smart codec delivering H.265 and H.264 compression, along with smart motion detection technology.

Intelligent detection includes intrusion, tripwire (supporting the classification and accurate detection of vehicle and human), while abnormality detection covers motion detection, privacy masking, no SD card, SD card full, SD card error, network disconnection, IP conflict, and illegal access. There’s also 2 alarm I/Os, and an audio I/O, as well as 256GB MicroSD card support.

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We tested the Dahua solar solution in a rural application with limited power and comms options. Putting the components together was a straightforward process, though once the unit is built it takes 2 techs to mount, given the size and weight of the unit. A utility pole is probably the best raised mounting option, but walls, strainer posts, power poles, trees, work fine, too.

There’s plenty of adjustment in the unit, and the solar panel provides additional protection from the elements to the camera and other components. And the great thing about a camera that incorporates comms, charging and battery storage is that you really can just put it anywhere you like – I used the ground, a short ladder, a raised verandah, a chair and whatever else was handy.

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Downloading Dahua’s iDMSS app to iPhone was a simple process and with that done you scan the camera QR code within the app to find the camera over the 4G network and once that’s done, you’re away. iDMSS is a simple interface that’s ideal for remote monitoring. You drill though the home screen to a 4/9/16-way camera split and a double tap on a screen brings the camera up in ‘full screen’. Controls for snapshot, audio and SD or cloud video recording options are ready to hand.

Camera performance is solid, as you’d expect from a mature CCTV manufacturer like Dahua. There’s some barrel distortion from the lens but performance out to 25 metres is solid, albeit with some pixel spread impacting on sharpness past the 20 metre mark. The weather was annoyingly grey during my initial test, which impacted on colour rendition but overall performance from the 2MP WizSense 2mp bullet was good, and with WDR activated – as in the big image at the top of the screen – things looked very nice, indeed.

Untitled.png 3.png MR

Night performance supported by IR was solid, too. There was good sharpness and contrast providing some extra reach, even in my complicated scene. Though I had scene elements very close to the lens from my location on the verandah, flare was acceptable and fine details were easy to discern. Overall, this is a pleasing camera solution that offers a lot of performance and a great deal of flexibility, for a modest amount of money.

Stand by for the full review coming to SEN shortly!

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