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Dahua IPC-HFW3849T1-AS-PV 8MP Bullet: First Impressions

Dahua’s IPC-HFW3849T1-AS-PV WizSense bullet camera with active deterrence features 8MP (3840 x 2160) resolution; intelligent functions, including perimeter protection and smart motion detection; active deterrence with a built-in siren, voice messaging and flashing lights, robust IP67 rating against water and dust, and a 2.8mm fixed lens, offering a strong angle of view.

This compact, well-constructed day/night camera was dropped off at the SEN office by CRK’s David Payne. Trolling the specification sheet, the camera combines excellent resolution, a wide view, strong underlying specifications and what Dahua calls active deterrence, which is a set of features that works in concert with the camera’s AVS to communicate with intruders using audio messages, live voice, white light and flashing emergency lights. It might not sound like a big deal, but this active deterrence is sufficiently intrusive to get the attention of everyone walking around my street scene, particularly when the siren is activated.

First impressions are that this new Dahua WizSense bullet camera delivers strong baseline optical performance. Static face recognition in daylight is out to 10-12 metres, while moving faces are court admissible between 8-10 metres. My daytime test at around 9am is faced with hard shadows and more than 60,000 lux on the opposite side of the street. This challenges my standard settings, with identification made difficult in shaded areas.

As soon as I activate WDR, the issues are resolved. In fact, Dahua’s WDR performance in this application is exceptional, with excellent colour rendition and light balance across the disparate regions of this challenging scene. As you’d expect, activating WDR does put some work on the image, and I lose a little fine detail. Before activating WDR I have plates at 12-15 metres and afterwards I’m interpreting plates at the same distance. This is typical and the nature of your own application will decree what the priorities are, when it comes to plates and/or situational awareness. Regardless, WDR doesn’t impact on pedestrian face recognition, which remains strong.

Don’t miss the full review of Dahua’s WizSense bullet camera in the July issue of SEN!



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