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Dahua TiOC 8MP Turret First Impressions

Dahua’s TiOC 8MP turret camera combines white light, IR, speaker, siren and LED warning lights, features 4K resolution supported by a big ½-inch CMOS sensor, a fixed 2.8mm lens, and there’s IP67 ratings against water and dust and WizSense detection and monitoring of vehicles and humans using area motion detection or tripwire.

Is TiOC dome a CCTV camera or a proactive security solution capable of reacting to intrusion in real time? In our opinion, it’s the latter – you get considerable flexibility and power with this robust and capable turret – that includes field response and remote event reporting.

What were SEN’s first impressions of the TiOC 8MP? We were blown away by the monster resolution, but what impressed us just as much in our first viewing of the TiOC dome was the colour rendition – it’s spectacular. The high levels of details from edge to edge, the complete lack of noise in the image stream, and the ability to handle the weird warm (pinkish) colour temperature in the SEN office were also seriously impressive. We undertook a reset during which we removed the camera from turret and what a beautifully built lump of cast alloy it is.

As soon as the rain stops here in Sydney, we’re going to get the 8MP dome out front and we’re expecting good things from the analytics package, too. Dahua WizSense is driven by a dedicated AI chip and deep learning algorithm, offering high accuracy of object categorisation that can be used to alert managers or operators, while allowing proactive response to be automated via sirens, strobe lights or audio messaging, or driven in real time by operators.

Throughout the testing process, we’ll be paying very close attention to the performance of TiOC’s ½-inch chipset – the big image above gives you an idea – bear in mind this image is a measly 1920 x 1080, it’s not TiOC’s full 8MP resolution.

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