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Dahua Unveils New H.265 XVR NVR Series

DAHUA Technology has launched its H.265 XVR product series. The codec upgrade from H.264 to H.265 and then to H.265+, H.265 XVR delivers a more cost-efficient storage method with smaller storage, stronger compatibility and enhanced intelligence, solving the much higher demand on storage capability placed by the widespread of 4K/4MP UHD devices, and offering the customers and partners more business opportunities.

H.265+ reduces up to 90 per cent of transmission bandwidth and storage while maintaining excellent image quality, resulting in the use of less HDD space and resources. The widespread compatibility of the H.265 XVR guarantees a seamless connection with multiple cameras and all H.265 encoding-based platforms or devices. With a stronger processor, it even supports a maximum of 4 channels of intelligent video surveillance and a maximum N+N channels with IPC access, where each channel receives up to 8MP input.

For existing video surveillance systems, H.265 XVR can also serve as an upgrade by replacing the storage device only. Also, by converting audio into digital signal, the entire product series support broadcast-quality audio through lossless audio transmission, vastly improving audio quality.

H.265 XVR series bring a user-friendly experience with a new generation XVR4.0 GUI interface, providing with flat interface and simplified functional modules. Also, supported by IoT system, H.265 XVR product enables multi-dimensional surveillance by linking with diverse sensors to collect information such as temperature and humidity that can wirelessly trigger an alarm if necessary.

The built-in battery in the Dahua XVR E Model can feed the XVR and cameras to keep the surveillance system working for up to 1 hour, eliminate worries from unplanned power-cut. Dahua H.265 XVR will be on show at ISC West 2018, April 11–13.

Distributor: Dahua
Contact: overseas@dahuatech.com

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