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DAS 2N IP Verso Solution

DAS 2N IP Verso Solution

DAS 2N IP Verso Solution – Intercom manufacturer 2N’s IP Verso intercom is designed for advanced and holistic access control solutions.

“Part of the Axis portfolio, the 2N IP Verso security intercom utilises WaveKey, 2N’s patented mobile access control technology,” said Orlando Chiang of DAS.

“Capable of controlling doors, gates and barriers in just 0.3 seconds via Bluetooth, 2N WaveKey skips the need for RFID cards and keys and conveniently keeps sites secure.”

The intercom incorporates cloud-based connection services with the 2N Mobile Video feature which allows the user to call other devices from the intercom, and 2N Remote Configuration to remotely access devices via cloud.

The 2N IP Verso also features a contemporary fingerprint reader, a touchscreen built for any weather condition, and supports direct SIP calls which eliminates the need for extra cables or exchanges.

“The 2N IP Verso provides modularity and customised, high-quality solutions,” Chiang said. “It provides reliable access control and easily integrates with other leading solution providers including Axis and Milestone.

“Industrial, commercial and residential buildings can all benefit from the intercom’s versatility to achieve even higher site security.”

You can find out more about the 2N range here.

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