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DAS Amplifies Axis Audio

DAS Amplifies Axis Audio Solutions.

DAS Amplifies Axis Audio Solutions.

DAS Amplifies Axis Audio – Axis network audio solutions from DAS connect directly to standard network infrastructure and leverage the latest technologies to deliver clear sound, scalability, easy management and cybersecurity.

According to the DAS team, the C1310-E Network Horn Speaker (01796-001), an all-in-one unit with built-in power amplifier and signal processing, is especially popular.

Designed to deter unwanted activity detected by cameras, the C1310-E features pre-configured digital signal processing, onboard memory to support pre-recorded voice messages and the AXIS Audio Manager Edge app to achieve zone management functions and more.

DAS Amplifies Axis Audio 2 LR
DAS Amplifies Axis Audio 3

DAS Amplifies Axis Audio

“The Axis Audio range can help you proactively protect people and property on your premises”, says Samantha Muscat, Axis product manager from DAS.

“While you can use them to create a pleasant environment and optimize your operations, you’ll also find Axis network audio systems are easy to install and are typically used in education and healthcare verticals.”

According to Muscat, pairing an AXIS S22 series recorder with an Axis Audio product contributes to its end-to-end solution – and DAS customers can leverage a rebate on S22216 or S2224 NVR purchases.

“Alongside our rebate, you can also boost your Qantas points on these Axis products which maximises your partnership with DAS.”

Contact your DAS representative for more information or click here to order or you can read more SEN news here.

Other Axis Audio products available at DAS include:

  • AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker (01916-001)
  • AXIS C1211-E Discrete Network ceiling Speaker – Small (02323-001)
  • AXIS C1210-E Discrete Network ceiling Speaker – Large (02324-001)
  • AXIS C1610-VE Outdoor Sound Projector (02380-001)
  • AXIS C1510 Network Pendant Speaker – Large (02389-001)
  • AXIS C1511 Network Pendant Speaker – Small (02390-001).

“DAS Amplifies Axis Audio Solutions.”

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