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Pelco Sarix Professional 4

Pelco Sarix Professional 4 From BGW Technologies.

Pelco Sarix Professional 4 From BGW Technologies.

Pelco Sarix Professional 4 – Pelco Sarix Professional 4 camera series from Motorola Solutions offers end users a high-quality security solution at an affordable price, according to Graham Clark, of local distributor, BGW Technologies.

“The series has inbuilt smart analytics and enhanced imaging quality, allowing end users and their operators to identify and classify more than 50 objects simultaneously,” Clark said.

“For example, the cameras are able to track multiple objects and people as they enter and leave a monitored space, determine and then alert operators when undesirable behaviours such as unusual stopping, or loitering occurs.

“The beauty of the Sarix Professional 4 Series cameras is that they have enhanced imaging capabilities,” Clark said.

“Their high-quality video capture delivers exceptionally sharp details in both bright and dark conditions. This improved accuracy is achieved with Adaptive IR that delivers maximum visibility of up to 80m in extreme low light conditions, and through the application of Pelco ‘True Wide Dynamic Range’ (TWDR) image capture. This is important when the environment has varying light levels.”

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According to Clark, the way this works is that the camera takes multiple scans of each frame of video at different shutter speeds. It scans the scene at a lower shutter speed to capture as much light as possible, and then scans the scene at a higher shutter speed and therefore picks up less light.

“Imagine a person is walking in front of bright light, and their face is in the shadow – ordinarily a camera wouldn’t be able to capture their face with any accuracy. But when TWDR is used, the overlaying of the light levels enables better capture of the face or object for improved identification and classification,” Clark explained.

To learn more about Sarix Professional 4 Camera Series from Pelco and how BGW Technologies can assist you with your next project, get in touch with your local BGWT team here – you can see more SEN news here.

Pelco Sarix Professional 4 Features:

  • The camera’s Adaptive IR is available in selected lens in 50/60/80m
  • They are impact, water and dust resistant (IK10, IP66/67 & Type 4X) and are therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Integration is available with Pelco VideoXpert and Milestone Xprotect other leading video management systems including through compliant ONVIF profiles, S, T, G and M
  • They have a robust design and are available in both bullet and dome
  • The Series includes Pelco smart compression technology, reducing bandwidth and storage needs by up to 70 per cent without compromising image quality
  • The camera offers increased data security with on-board TPM (trusted platform module) to secure cryptographic keys and all of this is back by 5-year Pelco warranty.

“Pelco Sarix Professional 4 From BGW Technologies.”

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Pelco Sarix Professional 4 4

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