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DAS IDIS Deep Learning Analytics

DAS IDIS Deep Learning Analytics

DAS IDIS Deep Learning Analytics – IDIS deep learning analytics (IDLA) adds dimension to IDIS surveillance solutions solely distributed by DAS.

According to Rick Noto, IDIS BDM from DAS, a highly advanced form of AI, IDLA learns from experience which then analyses vast amounts of data from video footage, performing in a way that can exceed human capability.

Performing at a 98 per cent accuracy rate, key benefits of IDLA include objection detection, instant meta filtering (IMF) and optional person match functions,” Noto said.

Utilising IDLA’s object detection can automatically detect and track target objects and people, analyse loitering and trespassing after it creates a fixed background of the scene. IMF then stores the metadata derived from recorded footage that operators can work with, such as searching specific data by object type or colour.

Users can also benefit from person matching when investigating incidents as it automatically extracts identified characteristics of an individual to spotlight them across multiple recordings.

According to Noto, IDLA is a precise and efficient solution.

“The IDLA engine can save a significant amount of time associated with combing through hours of footage – while maintaining an industry-leading 98 per cent accuracy rate.”

“Many verticals such as traffic control infrastructure, schools and hospitals can trust IDLA to enhance their security surveillance.”

You can contact DAS for IDIS and IDLA support, or find out more here.

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