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DAS Reliance XR

DAS Reliance XR

♦ DAS Reliance XR – DAS carries the Reliance XR series of control panels for alarm and intrusion solutions, including the Reliance XRPro.

According to Jeff Corr, product security group manager, DAS, XRPro is scalable and easy to install, as well as backwards and sideways compatible with existing Reliance equipment, making it ideal for upgrading.

Performance is expandable thanks to its ability to monitor up to 176 zones and 256 users with 4-digit PIN codes, giving the selected user authority to create, modify and delete other pin codes.

The XRPro ensures flexible communications as it is NBN-ready with built in IP communication alongside its dual-SIM 4G/Wi-Fi module which can tap into more efficient communication capabilities.

Neat too, says Corr, XRPro can be connected to the UltraSync app, allowing UltraSync cameras to be connect for alarm monitoring activation recording and viewing live camera feeds.

“XRPro offers end users an easy to manage system that’s designed to be expandable and meet the demands of growing families or expanding sites,” Corr said.

“Users take advantage of its industry leading functionality and incorporate Reliance accessories to maximise security and have a well-rounded solution.”

You can contact the DAS team for more information on the Reliance XR series – or click here for more information about Dicker Data DAS.

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