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DAS Wins Halo Distribution

DAS Wins Halo Distribution For ANZ.

DAS Wins Halo Distribution For ANZ.

DAS Wins Halo Distribution – Dicker Data DAS has been officially appointed IPVideo Corp’s distributor for its powerful Halo sensors – the distribution rights cover ANZ and several Asia Pacific countries.

Halo sensors are multipurpose air-health, safety, and vape detection devices, suitable for a wide range of applications in commercial, education, government, and health verticals. In addition to monitoring air quality variables, the products can measure, record, and react up to 17 variables using the Halo Smart Sensor 2C, and up to 21 variables with the new 3C version.

DAS Wins Halo Distribution

Example variables include CO2, NO2, humidity, temperature, aggression, gunshot, motion, people counter, THC, vape and vape masking. Both 2C and 3C sensors and related accessories will be available from DAS.

“We are very pleased to be selected as distributor for Halo Sensors in Australia,” said James Layton, head of product at DAS. “The products are clever and unique, and we have no doubt they will fly off the shelves.”

DAS Wins Halo Distribution

Halo products are being widely specified in new building designs in Australia, not only due to their multipurpose detection capabilities, but also because they integrate with leading video management systems, including Milestone, as well as network software solutions like Extreme Network Defender, and building access control systems, such as Gallagher.

“Apart from multiple third-party integrations, the Halo cloud app is available for the management of multiple Halo devices, real time health checks, air-quality alerts and reporting,” said Chris Murray, Halo product manager at DAS.

Security installers wanting to be appointed as a Halo authorised reseller will need to be officially trained by DAS. Halo authorised resellers will be entitled to project pricing and deal registration for larger projects.

The products will be available at DAS in a matter of weeks. Layton advised that DAS’ first and very sizeable order will be air shipped very soon and available in June. For more information on Halo sales and Authorised Reseller Training contact the team here – you can see more SEN news here.

“DAS Wins Halo Distribution For ANZ.”

DAS Halo 2 LR
DAS Wins Halo Distribution 3


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