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DeWALT DCF850H1-XE 18V Powerstack XR

DeWALT DCF850H1-XE 18V Powerstack XR Impact Driver.

DeWALT DCF850H1-XE 18V Powerstack XR – When you’re getting fastenings through hardwood or metal, an impact driver can make the difference between getting the job done quickly and struggling with hand tools to get the last few turns completed while up a ladder.

Impact drivers work differently to drill, which are powered by a spinning electric motor that derives its torque from windings and input current. Impact drivers use a spring mechanism to generate a striking action.

The way it works is that resistance to the bit compresses the spring; the spring pushes the hammer into the anvil repeatedly in the direction the bit is turning to create a rotational impact that enormously dials up an impact driver’s effective torque.

DeWALT DCF850H1-XE 18V Powerstack XR
DeWALT DCF850H1-XE 18V Powerstack XR 3

Is it worth having an impact driver in your kit as well as a quality power drill? There’s no question that if you do a lot of fastenings, the impact driver will save you a lot of time.

The DeWALT DCF850H1-XE 18V 5Ah Powerstack XR is a brushless 3-speed impact driver with a 5aH battery pack. The unit delivers 205Nm in a 100mm compact body with those 3 speeds and DeWalt Precision Drive, allowing a tech to ensure fasteners and fastening points don’t suffer wear during installation.

Features of this impact driver include a 3-LED halo light, 18V for additional power and longevity, a ¼-inch quick release chuck, up to 3250rpm without load and up to 3800 impacts per minute during operation.

DeWALT DCF850H1-XE 18V Powerstack XR
DeWALT DCF850H1-XE 18V Powerstack XR

The compact 100mm size allows installers to handle fixing and unfixing in tight spaces, and the kit includes the DeWALT DCF850N-XJ 18V XR impact driver, DeWALT DCBP518-XJ 18V 5.0Ah XR Powerstack lithium-ion battery and the DeWALT DCB1104-XE 12V – 18V XR lithium-ion multi voltage battery charger.

You can contact Melbourne Tool Sales for more information here or your local supplier – there’s more SEN news here.

“DeWALT DCF850H1-XE 18V Powerstack XR Impact Driver.”


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