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Digifort VMS Integrates Drone Operation

Digifort VMS from EOS Australia now offers integrated drone operation with Aeroguard, allowing end users to liberate the power of aerial surveillance on their sites simply and economically.

Developed to be completely integrated with the VMS Digifort, Aeroguard performs a simultaneous connection with an unlimited number of DJI brand drones, allowing unified management of drone operations through the Digifort VMS, in real-time, anywhere in the world.

According to EOS, an aerial image is extremely useful, both in terms of its ability to detect incidents happening and recording events on the Digifort server, incorporating flight logs and real time video images.

As it is completely integrated into the Digifort VMS system, existing features, such as operational maps, can be used to make a drone’s operation extremely refined. After the flight, all images obtained are sent to the Digifort Server and are available for export and in-depth analysis.

EOS Digifort and Aeroguard 2
Integrated drone functionality gives security teams serious situational awareness via their VMS. 

With Digifort, drones can be used to assess threats from a remote location and to provide air support to response teams by deliveraing enhanced situational awareness. Ready to operate in less than a minute, they act as a second set of eyes that can be positioned anywhere at any time and can detect incidents from perimeter breaches to outbreaks of fire.

Drones can operate in stealth mode and are able to monitor a significantly larger area than mobile patrols, especially in rough terrain. They are also far more flexible than fixed cameras and can be equipped with the latest thermal and zoom lenses, as well as searchlights and long-range speakers.

You can find out more about Digifort Aeroguard Drone management here.


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