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Dna Biometric Joint Venture In Brisbane

“This is an exciting opportunity for Queensland to lead the world in the authentication and verification of identification tagging through DNA”, said Scott Austin, managing director of Sunshine and the new venture id-DNA. “We see many applications for these exciting technologies in the Homeland Security sector, “pallet to plate” verification in food and livestock area as well as a multitude of applications such as sample tracking”, said Scott. The id-DNA technology incorporates two established technologies: the ultimate identification system of DNA Fingerprinting combined with tagging technologies using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) devices, Smart Cards and Passports incorporating smart chips. One patented application is to include DNA tracking and other information into cattle tags so that animals can be DNA tracked all the way from birth to plate. The company has developed its own IP as well as having access to a variety of GMS patents including using DNA identification for document security. Initially the company will be focusing on launching and piloting its products within Australia and will soon quickly expand to international arenas. “GMS is a world leader in single-cell genetic technologies and combining this DNA know how of GMS with the tagging technologies and expertise of Sunshine Technologies, provides applications with global potential”, said Professor Ian Findlay of GMS who was named Scientist of the year in 1998 by the European Society of Human Genetics. “Sunshine is the ideal partners and it is clear that both parties have the passion and capabilities to develop these Identification applications on a world stage”. For more information on id-DNA please call Scott Austin, Managing Director on ++61 (7) -3013 6294 or email scott@id-dna.com.au or Professor Ian Findlay, email ian@id-dna.com.au or 07 3902 4620.


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