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Do Laser Security Sensors Exist?

Do Laser Security Sensors Exist And How Do They Work?

Do laser security sensors exist – Do laser security sensors exist – we have an application with a single sensor point that’s around 300 metres long and this technology sounds like it could help.

A: Laser beam-based security sensors have existed but it’s difficult to find any information about them. It’s worth pointing out they are not actually lasers, just high intensity light beams generated by LEDs that create a trip zone.

‘Laser’ sensors are a neat solution in some applications – as you obviously know, they are single point and super long range and create a zone of up to 300 metres in length. They might be a constant beam or be pulsed. Given these beams are invisible, it’s pretty much impossible for an intruder to avoid breaching them.

Do Laser Security Sensors Exist

The issue for SEN is that while we can find references to laser sensors in theory, it’s harder to find actual laser sensors in reality – though we did find a solution from a company called Cove linked here that may be of interest, which looks interesting but perhaps not controller agnostic.

Do laser security sensors exist
Do laser security sensors exist?

This brings us to the Optex RedScan range, which uses pulsed laser light to measure ranging and ambient backscatter in order to detect intrusion events. Distributed locally by BGW Technologies – there’s a new MiniPro version just out, though it doesn’t push 300 metres.

Redscan is a pro-grade security sensor and when considering cost you need to consider expense cost of installing alternatives that might involve transmitter and receiver points, or trenching.

You can contact BGW Technologies here to learn more about Redscan – anyone with info on long range laser sensors please fire them to john@sen.news and we can add details to this story.

Do laser security sensors exist
Do laser security sensors exist?

Lidar solutions are also available from EOS – these include Ouster and Hexagon sensors, which combine Lidar, 3D mapping, AI and more, to provide next-gen external detection solutions in complex high security environments – you can find out more about these technologies from EOS here.

An alternative if nearly 100 metres range will do, is the Bosch long range DS720i TriTech, but this will need to be installed under cover – there’s more SEN news here.

“Do Laser Security Sensors Exist And How Do They Work?”

Do Laser Security Sensors Exist 1 LR
Do laser security sensors exist? We’d argue a quality volumetric sensor is going to be an easier install in this application.


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