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Elenium Takes Avalon Airport Geelong Touchless

Elenium Automation has expanded its relationship with Avalon Airport at Geelong in Victoria, signing a deal that will make it the first airport in Australia to implement touchless self-services,  including touchless control of a device using head movement control, and touchless passport and identity card reading.

Elenium’s touchless, patent-pending technologies can also measure a passenger’s vital signs, including temperature, respiratory and heart rate. The touchless component of this technology will be available at Avalon Airport kiosks and bag drops to assist in the fight against COVID-19 and other transmissible illnesses.

Avalon Airport will install 6 kiosks where, instead of touching screens, passengers will control their interaction with the kiosks and bag drops via head movement. Cameras in kiosks and bag drops will link the movement of the passenger’s head with the movement of a cursor on the screen.

In addition, passports can be read by holding them open in front of a camera, rather than by inserting them into a passport slot. This technology reduces the risk that a virus is transferred between multiple passengers touching the same devices.

“The partnership between Elenium and Avalon demonstrates how quickly a response to the COVID-19 virus can be implemented,” said Avalon Airport CEO, Justin Giddings. “This solution will allow passengers to go through the self-service experience without touching a device, thereby providing a seamless, intuitive and safe method of moving quickly through the airport.”

“While this is very difficult time for the aviation industry, we have an opportunity to make the changes for passenger safety and well-being that will increase their confidence,” said Elenium Automation CEO and co-founder, Aaron Hornlimann. “We are very excited that Avalon is working with us to ensure the airport is in a great position to rebound from this crisis by giving their passengers and team a streamlined, safe airport experience and we believe the introduction of touchless self-service will encourage people to return to travel.”

Elenium’s touchless technology is part of a broader solution the company has developed in response to the COVID-19 virus. The full suite of technology includes:

* Touchless control of a device using voice recognition (multiple languages), developed in partnership with Amazon Web Services
* Touchless control of a device using head movement control
* Touchless passport and identity card reading
* Touchless vital sign detection, including temperature, respiratory and heart rates.

Launched just over 4 years ago, Elenium has more than 700 check-in kiosks in use by more than 40 airlines across 13 airports globally, including Hong Kong, Auckland, Avalon, Bangalore and Sydney airports.


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