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EOS Celebrates Kevin Park

EOS Celebrates Kevin Park

♦ EOS Celebrates Kevin Park – EOS Australia celebrates its longest-serving team member, NSW state manager, Kevin Park.

Park started working for EOS Australia (based in Belmore) in 2002 as a salesperson for the entire range of analogue video intercom systems. At that time, there were only 6 staff members and Park was the salesperson pushing a range that included Samsung, Futuro, BIDP, Golmar and WIN4NET under the VIDEOMAN banner.

“If EOS represented an automobile, then Kevin initially was the engine that moved the car, then he also became the transmission that controlled the power and speed and occasionally he took hold of the steering wheel to navigate the company,” said EOS’ Patrick Cha.

“However, for the past 20 years, his indispensable role in the company has always been the company Hi-Fi system that resonated throughout the years creating an atmosphere that bonded our team. I would like to say thank you before congratulations to Kevin. EOS would not be what it is now without you.”

According to Park the most exciting experience of his time with EOS so far has been the analogue to digital transition.

“At the start everything was hard-wired and now the technology from PC to mobile devices has evolved to a point where the demand for automated human-centric experiences is constantly increasing, making our fast-paced lives easier,” Park said.

“Thank you to the EOS family for 20 years of fun, friendship and life-changing moments – I have really appreciated it.”

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