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Forge VSMS8 4G Autodialler From NIDAC

Forge VSMS8 4G Autodialler Now Available From NIDAC.

Forge VSMS8 4G Autodialler Now Available From NIDAC.

Forge VSMS8 4G autodialler from NIDAC – NIDAC is distributing the 4G Forge VSMS8 autodialler for industrial applications. The Forge 4G has broad applications for event notification and warning systems across a wide range of industries.

Features include LED indicators for power, SIM card status, 4G/3G signal and call in progress, the dialler can be interrogated to determine the current state of the inputs/outputs via SMS and the triggering of alarm inputs sends SMS text and/or calls numbers and plays voice messages.

Voice messages can be programmed by calling into the unit and using DTMF commands to record or play messages back, the unit stores up to 99 numbers and installers can assign 16 numbers per input.

The 12-24V DC power option allows integration with alarm, fire panels and other equipment, and the unit has 8 inputs selectable as NO or NC trigger between input and GND, latching or slave.

Forge VSMS8 4G Autodialler From NIDAC

Requires user-supplied micro-SIM card, compatible with all 3G and 4G bands and providers in Australia, Operating voltage is between 10-30V DC, operating current is 300mA max, there are 2 x 1A relay outputs, dimensions are 186mm x 152mm x 35mm deep and weight is 750g.

You can find out more about the Forge VSMS8 4G autodialler from NIDAC here and read more news from SEN here.

Forge VSMS8 4G Autodialler Features:

  • Utility in medical refrigeration monitoring
  • Suitable for hazard monitoring
  • Useful for irrigation and sewerage applications
  • Broad uses in agriculture, climate systems and wind farms
  • Each unit factory tested with 5-year warranty
  • Australian designed, manufactured and supported.

“Forge VSMS8 4G Autodialler Is Now Available From NIDAC.”

Paula Nicholls, NIDAC.


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