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Fredon’s Award Winning Security Integration at Bangkok Embassy

Fredon Security won the 2017 ASIAL Excellence Award for its electronic security integration at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok. The project was not only large but complex. Fredon’s team had to balance without compromise many logistic demands and project requirements both in design and during construction.

FREDON’S electronic security integration at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok, which incorporates a Pelco Endura CCTV system and a Gallagher Command Centre access control solution, required specialised security systems to deal with a mix of uses including public access, offices and high sensitivity areas – and the at times gruelling construction process, which took 40 months to complete in hot and humid conditions also test the team.

Some of the design challenges included comprehensive pre-planning which the team described as 100 per cent design. For example, the architectural specification of floors and walls of solid and textured pre-poured concrete meant there were not the margins for error usually available by running conduit behind plasterboard. The textured wall finish required precise vertical placement of steel cable containment, and thoroughly specified support structures and access points.

The requirement of the building to be a showcase commercial, event and residential venue with suitably high standard of finish; unobtrusive but high-quality day-to-day security, and able to turn into a highly secure facility at the touch of a button. Custom-designed elements to overcome legal complexities of working with Thai, Australian and international requirements. For example, dealing with supply of equipment and materials that were not designed to a common standard, be it varying digital interfaces or even imperial/metric measurement issues.

Additional project challenges included dealing with language differences – 5 languages were widely spoken on site, as well as the physical demands of the climate. Temperatures rose to 40C inside the building at times before HVAC systems were available. Rising ground water during periods of heavy rain was another significant issue. And health and safety needed to consistently be maintained to Australian standards to ensure the project was incident free (which it was). 

Colin Durey
Colin Durey with one of the massive Gallagher-controlled doors.

Overcoming the distance problems meant an appropriate combination of on-site staff, screen/application sharing and video conferencing, while communicating Australian standards and practises was managed via highly detailed documentation, and very detailed ITC’s (inspection and test checklists). This was necessary because embassy sites are treated as Australian zones. It had to be implemented with diplomacy and clarity between the Thai workforce and the French head contractor (BVSL). The working relationships ended up being very positive and respectful and were a key to the overall success of the project.

The systems installed included a Gallagher Command Centre access control and alarm system incorporating more than 500 devices – among which were some of the heaviest motorised steel doors Fredon has ever installed. A Pelco Endura CCTV surveillance system covering the 3-building precinct, which utilised a high-performance fibre optic based data network for central high resolution and low latency viewing of feeds. Jaques IP intercom system which integrates with the access control system to provide unified management and synchronised event logging.

The project in Bangkok involved all Fredon divisions – with varying levels of participation across mechanical, electrical and data installations. Fredon Technology was responsible for the installation of the A/V and IBMS (Integrated Building Management System). The group approach and collaboration resulted in the project being a strategic international success story for the entire organisation.

“This is the fourth straight win for Fredon Security at the ASIAL awards, and the degree of difficulty in this job is perhaps the highest yet, because of the unique combination of scale, remote location and the inherent nature of the project, being an international embassy,” said Fredon Security managing director, Danny Bercovic. “The entire team, particularly the tireless onsite managers Colin Durey and Geoff Albertson, performed exceptionally for a well-deserved win.” ♦

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