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HomeNewsGallagher Controller 7000 Availability Announced

Gallagher Controller 7000 Availability Announced

Gallagher Controller 7000 Availability Announced.

Gallagher Controller 7000 Availability Announced.

Gallagher Controller 7000 Availability – Gallagher Security has announced its new generation C7000 cyber-focused controllers, which will be available for purchase from November 10.

Capable of managing localized access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security, business automation, and logic needs for organizations, the Controller 7000 represents a new generation of Gallagher technology, offering streamlined upgrades and advanced cybersecurity.

Building on the groundwork introduced with the Controller 7000 Single Door released in February 2023, the C7000 gives users an opportunity to leverage their hardware and firmware to build a platform designed to catapult their organization into the future.

Gallagher Controller 7000 Availability 3 LR
Gallagher Controller 7000.

Jim Rayner, value owner at Gallagher, led production on the C7000 and sees the system as a sign of Gallagher’s future growth.

“The C7000 is the first step in a new era of Gallagher’s product development and offers our customers limitless potential and industry-leading cyber protection,” he said. “We’re excited by what we’ve achieved with this controller, and our customers will continue finding value in the device for many years to come.

“In a rapidly evolving digital age, following basic cyber hygiene is no longer enough – businesses need a solution that is prepared for tomorrow’s cyber environment, today. With enhanced hardware and cybersecurity baked in from inception, the Controller 7000 is up for any challenge.”

Gallagher Controller 7000 Availability Announced

C7000 has a powerful iMX8 system-on chip and an NXP Edgelock secure element to ensure a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) guaranteeing software authenticity on each device. A 10x more powerful microprocessor allows the C7000 executes access decisions 25x faster, resyncing the cardholder database in half the time.

Gallagher Controller 7000 Availability 5.jpg LR
Gallagher Controller 7000 availability announced.

Additionally, utilizing feedback directly from end users, channel partners, and consultants, Gallagher’s product team developed the C7000’s key features to make upgrading easier.

“The C7000 has been purposely designed with the same footprint, wiring, and ports as the Controller 6000, providing the power to take advantage of the newest technologies and easily scale as a business grows.

The Controller 7000 will be available for purchase on November 10 – you can contact your local Gallagher-certified channel partner or Gallagher representative for more information, learn more about Gallagher here, or read more SEN news here.

“Gallagher Controller 7000 Availability Announced.”

Gallagher Controller 7000 Availability 2.jpg LR
Gallagher Controller 7000 availability announced.



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