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HomeNewsGallagher Launches Virtual Classroom

Gallagher Launches Virtual Classroom

Gallagher launches virtual classroom for technicians in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Gallagher launches virtual classroom for technicians in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Gallagher Launches Virtual Classroom – Security manufacturer, Gallagher has launched its new cloud-based training solution – Virtual Classroom – which will create increased training opportunities in Australia and Papua New Guinea, more available courses, and shorter wait times.

“Gallagher Virtual Classroom allows our training team to continue offering the same convenience and low-cost that channel partners currently receive via Gallagher Online Training while enabling more engagement with technicians during the course,” said national training manager for Gallagher Australia, Danielle Mitchell.

“Virtual Classroom training provides hands-on product experience and access to training experts, combined with the added value of training remotely from home or a workplace, anywhere in Australia and Papua New Guinea.”

The setup of the cloud-based training course is as simple as sending each attendee a link to the course. Using this link, attendees can spin-up a web-based Command Centre platform and virtual hardware to use while the trainer delivers the course via Microsoft Teams. Kits no longer need to be shipped to attendees, which reduces turn-around time between courses, enabling more course availability and shorter wait time for attendees.

“I believe that what we have created is as effective, if not more so, than traditional classroom training,” Mitchell said. “Using the Virtual Classroom cloud-based platform, we have a greater ability to see where each attendee is struggling, falling behind, or even skipping ahead.”

Gallagher Launches Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom grants Gallagher the ability to provide 43 per cent more courses, and the company expects that over 300 technicians across Australia and Papua New Guinea will be trained using Virtual Classroom in 2023. The cloud-based virtual classroom platform will be used to deliver all access technician and access engineer courses in Australia and Papua New Guinea this year.

The first Virtual Classroom Access Technician course was delivered from Sydney on Tuesday the 14th of February and was attended by trainees based in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hamilton (New Zealand), Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, and delivered by Gallagher Training Solutions Engineer, Bennie Pienaar.

“We are thrilled with how well the Virtual Classroom training offering has been received by our Channel Partners,” Pienaar said. Spaces for the first 3 courses filled up within 48 hours and three more courses were added to the schedule due to high demand.

“The introduction of our Virtual Classroom training is truly a game-changing development for us as we work to scale our ability to deliver quality training to candidates globally. We look forward to seeing the evolution of our world-class virtual training offering over time and are striving to ensure the Virtual Classroom solution is considered the new gold standard of training environments.”

For further information on Gallagher’s Training and Certification, or to book a course, please click here or you can see more SEN news here.

“Gallagher launches virtual classroom for technicians in Australia and Papua New Guinea.”

Gallagher Virtual Classroom LR 3
Gallagher Launches Virtual Classroom.


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