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Gallagher SMB Secures Tend Health

Tend Health is securing its fast-growing healthcare business with a Gallagher SMB cloud access control solution.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Tend Health uses cloud technology to streamline general practitioner visits by offering online or in-person consultations that patients manage in their own time, all from their smartphone. From the initial consultation right through to online payment, Tend Health provides a seamless healthcare experience that replaces long waits and crowded waiting rooms with a convenient health solution, designed for modern life.

The Tend Health Centre sees many people through its doors each day. Doctors, nurses, and administration staff come and go at all hours, as well as locums who complete shift work. Patients also visit during the week for in-person consultations. To ensure the safety of staff and patients, Tend Health required a secure access control solution that would protect multiple access points, including back of house areas holding medicine and confidential patient information.

According to Samantha Lee, Tend Health’s head of customer experience, when the organisation sought a security system, it wanted a solution that embodied a cloud-first ethos.

“Everything we do is cloud-based, so we needed a security system that was complementary with what we do,” says Lee.

Tend Health app

Gallagher’s security solution for small and medium businesses (SMB) was a natural fit. The cloud-based, mobile-first system aligns with the innovative approach of the business, while still meeting their security requirements in a way that is easy to manage.

Gallagher SMB provides the ideal security solution. By using the Gallagher SMB app, Lee can manage who can access the site and assign privileges to staff as required. She can also grant temporary access to contractors.

“I love that I can give locums temporary access and revoke it after they finish working for us,” she says. “I don’t have to rely on them returning a key or remember to change the alarm PIN code.”

Previously, if access was required by a contractor or casual staff member after hours, a keyholder would have been required to drive to the centre to give them access. Now, by using the Gallagher SMB app, Samantha can disarm the site remotely, grant access, and lock doors, without moving from the couch.

“If somebody needs access to the centre, I can just unlock it from my phone, which is awesome,” Lee says.

Event history is a key piece of functionality, given many people access the centre at different times of the day. In the past it was difficult to keep track of who was entering the facility, and at what time. But by utilizing the history log in the Gallagher SMB app, Lee can quickly verify who armed or disarmed the alarm and what door was accessed.

“If the building is disarmed at 10pm, I can see that it was the cleaner and not one of our staff, which is fantastic,” she says.


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