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Gallagher Trains Ruswin, Convergint

Gallagher Trains Ruswin, Convergint In Global Training Initiative.

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Gallagher Trains Ruswin, Convergint In Global Training Initiative.

Gallagher Trains Ruswin, Convergint – Gallagher is calling for more channel partners with internal training teams to participate in its global Gallagher Train The Trainer program after completing successful programs for Ruswin Security and Convergint Technologies.

Train the Trainer is a mentorship program that trains and certifies candidates from selected channel partners to deliver the suite of Gallagher Access Certification courses to their teams internally. It provides a framework for channel partners to train their own staff, while also providing access to everything they need to run the same courses that Gallagher does.

Channel partners that participate in the Gallagher Train the Trainer course are provided with everything they need to facilitate their training in-house, including training kits, version updates, delivery guides and manuals, course presentations, and the Gallagher trainers.

The training course itself is a simple 3-stage process – train, develop, assess. The first stage involves the Gallagher training team working through the course material with the Train the Trainer candidates. In the second stage, candidates create their own training course – including structure, content, and delivery plan. And in the third stage, candidates present their course to the Gallagher training team for evaluation.

Once trainers are trained, they are free to train their in-house staff with the courses they’ve developed and will be given a three-year certification to train. They’ll also have free access to Gallagher’s online assessment for the staff they are training and 12 months free online re-certifications for the courses they’re teaching.

Gallagher Trains Ruswin
Gallagher Virtual Classroom.

All technicians trained by a certified Train the Trainer instructor are evaluated within Gallagher’s standardized assessment tools, ensuring a high-level global certification standard is maintained throughout the program.

The benefits that Gallagher Train the Trainer brings to channel partners include training when they like it and where they like it; the ability to create a training program tailored to the company’s specific needs; developing a promotable investment; and being able to stay at the forefront of the latest Gallagher technology features.

According to Gallagher training team, while the initiative was only launched late last year, it’s already being very well received by participating channel partners and their teams.

Ruswin Integrated Solutions employee Sharon Pasio from Papua New Guinea has become the first female Gallagher Train the Trainer certified instructor globally. Sharon is the 10th candidate to be certified via the Train the Trainer program, and has successfully trained 9 of her colleagues, all of whom passed on their first try. 

Meanwhile, Greg Lawrence who is project manager for Gallagher channel partner, Convergint, recently undertook the Gallagher Train the Trainer programme with Gallagher’s training solutions engineer, Kirk Jarvis. Lawrence found the Gallagher Train the Trainer course to be extremely thorough – even picking up a new tricks himself.

“The Train the Trainer sessions set me up very well for training delivery,” Lawrence said. “Gallagher has supplied me with all the training material and I’m confident in my knowledge of the product. My first access technician training of 8 colleagues was very successful with good feedback from the trainees. We achieved a 100 per cent pass rate of the Gallagher run online assessment at the end of my delivery.”

Gallagher Trains Ruswin, Convergint

According to Lawrence, a big advantage of running in-house training is being able to gauge the skill levels of colleagues. In the first training the team ran, Lawrence said the team uncovered hidden talent colleagues, which would likely have remained hidden if the training was held externally.

“We know that this program brings immense value for our partners as it empowers them to scale their training efforts without incurring additional costs, establish themselves as trusted training partners, and ultimately deliver top-notch security solutions and service to their customers,” said Gallagher’s training manager for the APAC and IMEA regions, Danielle Mitchell.

“By adopting this program, our partners can maintain team skill levels, reduce costs and time out of the field, and maintain a competitive advantage in the industry,” Mitchell said.

“Train the Trainer was implemented recently within Australia, Papua New Guinea, India, and Asia, and we are proud to acknowledge AES Group Ltd, Convergint, Ruswin Integrated Solutions, Secom, and Securitas as some of the first partners who have joined the Gallagher Train the Trainer program.

To learn more about Gallagher’s Train the Trainer program you can email training.au@security.gallagher.com or visit Gallagher here for more information, or read more SEN news here.

“Gallagher Trains Ruswin, Convergint In Global Training Initiative.”

Gallagher Trains Ruswin Convergint
Gallagher Trains Ruswin, Convergint 3

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