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Gallagher Unveils Something New

Gallagher Unveils Something New

♦ Gallagher Unveils Something New – Gallagher has unveiled something new, though whether it’s a hub, wireless door controller, or something else, is hard to say.

Given the prevalence of wireless locking solutions in the market – including the way they predominate in high-volume, low-cost spaces, like access-controlled lockers and public schooling – it’s tempting to let the mind wander in that direction.

Gallagher also has wireless controller and reader capabilities in other parts of its business that can be easy to overlook. Whichever is the case, the plastic doesn’t look like a full-sized Gallagher controller.

Something to consider is the recent release of Gallagher SMB, a cloud-based system comprising multiple components that offers full control of access control and alarms in the cloud via an easy to manage app. Supporting 10 doors, offering unlimited alarm inputs and an 80,000 event history, with fire drop, 16 inputs and 4 outputs (via HBUS), SMB is a strong solution at an aggressive price.

The strength of SMB upon release highlights that Gallagher’s development team is more than capable of shirt-fronting the wireless access control market. At the same time, there’s long range wireless ability enough to deliver a vehicular reader solution capable of supporting automatic gates.

Gallagher’s response to speculation so far has been “Shhhhhhhhhhh…”

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