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GardaWorld Partners With Gallagher

GardaWorld Partners With Gallagher To Create Hi-Tech HQ.

GardaWorld Partners With Gallagher To Create Hi-Tech HQ.

GardaWorld Partners With Gallagher – GardaWorld has partnered with Gallagher to create a state-of-the-art security experience at its Montreal headquarters.

Cutting-edge technology was top of mind when GardaWorld, one of the largest privately-owned integrated physical security, cash, and risk management companies in the world, decided to build a new headquarters in Montreal.

The GardaWorld headquarters is a perfect example of how Gallagher Security solutions can deliver security your own way explains Gallagher Security’s technical business development manager, Nour Muqatash.

“GardaWorld has created a high-tech building that showcases innovation and working closely together, we’ve been able to provide a seamless security experience, prioritizing safety and convenience for their staff and visitors,” Muqatash said.

GardaWorld sought a security partner capable of integrating with the leading technologies of the day – and the unimagined ones of tomorrow.

“That’s when I turned to Gallagher,” explains Frederic Kustcher, electronic security system administrator and technician for GardaWorld.

Access control via facial recognition was at the top of the company’s wish list. Gallagher’s integration with IDEMIA’s VisionPass played a crucial role in enabling this.

“With other solutions, you need separate systems and separate integrations – but because VisionPass is all run within Gallagher’s Command Centre, it’s so much easier,” Kustcher said.

This integration, along with Gallagher’s suite of biometric tools, including IDEMIA Morpho Wave, enables GardaWorld’s staff to move freely throughout the headquarters using facial recognition and hand and fingerprint biometric technologies, eliminating the hassle and security risk of lost ID cards.

Additionally, Gallagher’s integration with Nedap provided a hassle-free access solution for GardaWorld’s underground garage, which features a steep slope that makes traditional card reader access difficult. Gallagher’s integration with Nedap enabled GardaWorld to provide access stickers that affix to vehicles ensuring smoother and safer access to the garage.

GardaWorld also prioritized enhancing the visitor experience while maintaining tight security control. Utilizing Gallagher’s visitor management tools, they were able to simplify entry for visitors while ensuring the rest of the building remains safely restricted.

Throughout the construction process, GardaWorld faced global supply chain disruptions. However, Gallagher’s ability to manufacture its own product and deliver on time proved critical in meeting security installation timelines. GardaWorld also appreciated the unwavering support of a dedicated Gallagher integration partner throughout the entire construction process.

“Even now that construction is finished, when I need something, I receive my order within a few days,” Kustcher said.

Now that the Montreal headquarters is complete, GardaWorld aims to replicate the seamless security experience across its future expansions. Kustcher explained that part of the reason GardaWorld was interested in Gallagher was so they could do everything under one system when they expand.

“When we need perimeter, access control, and flexibility for our sites, it’s just easier to do under one big system,” he said. “We’re going to continue going with Gallagher. The system is smooth – flawless even – and when I have an issue, it’s corrected right away.”

To read the full case study on how Gallagher Security enabled GardaWorld’s vision of an innovative and technologically advanced corporate headquarters click here or read more SEN news here.

“GardaWorld Partners With Gallagher To Create Hi-Tech HQ.”

Frederic Kustcher GardaWorld LR
GardaWorld Partners With Gallagher – Frederic Kustcher, GardaWorld.


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