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VSP Picking Eyes Out Of New Tech

VSP Picking Eyes Out Of New Technologies.

VSP Picking Eyes Out Of New Technologies.

VSP Picking Eyes Out Of New Tech – VSP reports the team is picking the eyes out of the latest digital technologies to ensure customers have the best products and solutions available.

“We have identified the up-and-coming players in the industry,” said VSP’s Zaki Wazir. “These exclusive innovations will help integrators and installers and their customers manage security more efficiently. Having these added extras can be the deal breaker when proposing solutions.

“Take your pick from Briefcam, the Boring Lab, CamStreamer, EYEfi, FF Group, Milestone Kite, Vaidio by IronYun and VORTEX – each of which offers solutions that deliver increased return on investment.

VSP Picking Eyes Out Of New Tech

According to Wazir, the demand for greater agility, scalability and real-time surveillance is driving many businesses towards the cloud.

“Further, the analytical programs we’ve selected provides quick solutions, ultimately saving the end-user both time and money,” he said. “Our advanced technologies utilise ANPR recognition, live streaming, face recognition, identifying loitering, cloud solutions and real-time analytics which can help identify hazards for businesses. The functionalities here allow a tailored all-in-one security solution that is scalable to their business.

“As well as providing a suite of the best products in the industry, we are also offering the best technologies for a bespoke security solution to suit your client’s needs. VSP offers pre-staging, this gives you the ability to enter site quickly with pre-programmed solutions. VSP experts are highly trained and can offer assistance on and off site.”

You can find out more about VSP here or read more SEN news here.

“VSP Picking Eyes Out Of New Technologies.”

VSP Picking Eyes Out Of New Tech LR
VSP Picking Eyes Out Of New Tech.


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