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RG80 Gate Lock Goes Wild

When you’re looking after one of nature’s largest land mammals, ensuring enclosures are safe for them, their caretakers, and the public is important business.

When an Australian zoo was designing a new, secure elephant enclosure, they needed a lock they could trust to work continuously through rain, hail or shine to ensure these gentle giants are safe and secure; the dormakaba RG80 was the obvious choice.

“Thanks to its versatility and ability to work in all kinds of environments, our RG80 lock is reliable inside and out, in the 40C summer heat and the worst storms during winter,” said dormakaba’s Product Marketing Manager, Angus Richardson. “With the dust and dirt floating about in the enclosure, the RG80 with its IP67 rating, is reliable in all situations.

“The strength of the RG80 needed to match the size of the gates, and although it’s a small lock in comparison to an elephant enclosure, it packs a punch when it comes to the holding force ensuring a safe environment for all.

“Its ability to integrate into the access control system and offer feedback to the keepers about the gate and bolt pin positions – whether it’s in place or not and whether it’s secured or not. Integration is essential for many high-stake locks and as a result, this confirmation allows for peace of mind that the elephants and visitors to the zoo are safe and secure.

“The RG80 is ideal for many situations and challenging jobs, we say around the office that the RG80 is ideal for securing any large openings. While an elephant enclosure wasn’t an application we pictured when the lock was designed, it is a perfect example of fulfilling this belief.”

According to Richardson, the RG80 lock is the most advanced dormakaba all-weather lock to date.

“The lock is suited for indoor and outdoor environments, providing solutions for roller door locking applications, large doors and gates – even on elephant enclosures,” Richardson said.

dormakaba RG80 Specifications:

Lock dimensions: 150L x 80W x 80H mm
Strike dimensions: 60L x 80W x 80H mm
Holding force is 5000kg (50,000n)
Voltage is 12–24VDC +/-15 per cent
Standby current draw @12VDC is 40mA, at @24VDC is 30mA
Maximum draw at @12VDC is 1000mA, at @24VDC is 500mA
With heater on at @24VDC is 2000mA.


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