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Geutebruck’s G-Scope G-Core 1.3


GEUTEBRUCK’S G-Scope recorder family has the new version of the Video Engine G-Core 1.3 on all G-Scopes provides more power. 

Users can see all their cameras of any G-Scope generation on any device – in one single browser window. Using individually configurable buttons they can control a device remotely, for example to open a door, start a video analysis or activate the intruder alarm system. 

Resolution of the images transmitted is automatically adapted by the system – bandwidth optimized, dependent on the screen resolution. For more control, users can also manually adapt frame rate and resolution to their bandwidth. 

The encryption feature for Axis and other cameras via https connection now provides even more protection to security systems. And when using fisheye cameras such as the G-Cam/EHC 3180, the new viewer-integrated de-warping function supports complete flexibility at the display of the images. 

Meanwhile, new interfaces are allow integration with access control systems from Lenel, intercom systems from Commend and Schneider Intercom and perimeter detection systems from Southwest Microwave.♦

Distributor: Geutebruck Australia 
Contact: +61 2 8969 6302



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