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Graphic Processing Units Vital to 4K Camera Performance

WHEN it comes to GPUs – standard cards work fine with 1080p but with 4K you’ll have some issues with latency unless you plan ahead and ensure your hardware has an appropriate specification. 

With 4K GPU RAM is a factor – you want a minimum of 4GB and 8GB if you can get it – a 4K gamers GPU like the water-cooled Nvidia GTX Titan X with 12GB RAM would be great for multiple 4K streams, but you don’t need such a purpose-built tool. 

The Nvidia GTX 1080 with 8GB of RAM (yes, it’s actually 4K), is half the price and very good, too. Doing 4K properly is not plug-and-play, even if you’re only running a single camera. You’ll need to consider your underlying specification and infrastructure. 

A new laptop of good quality with a capable graphics card can handle 4K but not multiple streams in real time, while an older laptop can handle 4K at 12ips. ♦

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