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Inner Range Wiegand<>OSDP Converter for Access Readers

WHETHER you have an existing site with Wiegand readers and you want to upgrade to controllers with OSDP protocol or you want to future proof your site by using OSDP readers onto existing Wiegand controllers, the new Inner Range OSDP<>Wiegand Converter converts credential reader data from OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) to Wiegand or Wiegand to OSDP.

The device can be configured to convert data from an Inner Range SIFER reader to Wiegand data for a Wiegand reader input or convert data from a range of other 3rd party OSDP readers to Wiegand data for a Wiegand Reader input – HID OSDP Readers with firmware V8.6 or later are supported.

The device can also convert data from a Wiegand Reader to Inner Range SIFER data for an Integriti serial reader input. i.e. The ‘RDR RS485’ Port (OSDP bus) on an Integriti SLAM (IR-996012), ILAM (IR-996018) or IAC (IR-996035). ♦

Distributor: CSD
Contact: 1300 319 499

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