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Grow My Business Takes Success To Another Level

GROW My Business Now has been established to assist businesses in the security industry to get to the next level, something that company owners who work in their business find extremely difficult to do.

According to Grow My Business Now director, Sean Borg, GMBN has an experienced team which have grown businesses, galvanized teams and increased the turnovers and margins of many businesses over many years. And the team will focus on growing a customer’s business at no cost until real success has been achieved.

“We have a combined growth history exceeding 50 years,” Borg said. “That’s more than 50 years of actual practical experience, tried and tested – which we put at the fingertips of companies without the cost of high managerial salaries with the express purpose of accelerating growth using a consultative and collaborative approach, and developing a dynamic plan specifically tailored to help grow your business. 

“We do not use a generic cookie cutter approach – we work with you, developing a plan for your specific needs,” explained Borg. “We start with understanding. Understanding you, your business, your desires, your family, your business partner(s), your staff and your timeframes.

“Providing you an overall approach of true mentorship, we continually working with customers, on their businesses, helping to drive and fine tune an organisation, to grow it and provide a consistent recurring revenue base from which to expand. 

“Our approach is not based on a short term motivational workshop,” Borg said. “And unlike many other mentors, we never seek to own or control your business. But we are confident in our ability, so much so that we are happy to get paid on your results.” ♦


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