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COBRA Doubles Security Bag Screening Throughput With No Human Operator

ANALOGIC COBRA bag screening system screens double the passengers with no human operator. 

COBRA has already been deployed in London and Analogic says it is collaborating with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to bring the technology to the United States. 

Analogic COBRA uses a rotating x-ray tube and computer detection system to automatically determine the contents of carry-on bags without needing human screeners.


“We get a very high resolution image. We can tell what’s in the bag and we can tell what material the things are that are inside the bag,” Analogic CEO James Green said recently.

According to Green, COBRA’s imaging system spins around the bag acquiring thousands of images it uses to develop a 3D image of its contents. That means passengers can leave their liquids, gels and laptops inside.

TSA, Green said, can screen roughly 150 passengers per hour at airport security checkpoints. With the use of COBRA the rate increases to more 300 passengers per hour, he said. ♦


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