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H3C Plus Awarded Wollongong Council CCTV Contract

H3C Plus Awarded Wollongong Council CCTV Maintenance & Upgrade Contract.

H3C Plus Awarded Wollongong Council CCTV Maintenance & Upgrade Contract.

H3C Plus Awarded Wollongong Council CCTV Contract – H3C Plus has been awarded a contract to upgrade & maintain the Wollongong Council public safety system.

Currently Wollongong City Council has 475 cameras across 32 council locations with cameras managed on several remote NVRs as well as a central server connected to a Federated SaaS Genetec Security Centre VMS platform.

The legacy system has servers that are over 5 years old and many cameras that are more than 7 years old, the majority of which need to be upgraded. As part of the upgrade process, council has already implemented a network upgrade to improve its capability to enhance public safety across the council area.

Wollongong City Council’s intention is to upgrade its existing servers to Genetec Streamvault and to federate all systems to maintain a sovereign Genetec solution. This will enable access to video streams for WCC system operators, and access to the Wollongong City Council City Street Surveillance cameras for NSW Police.

The solution will provide a reliable secure storage solution to meet Privacy Act requirements. At the same time, council has also identified numerous cameras for replacement, given their age and origin.

H3C Plus Awarded Wollongong Council CCTV Contract

According to H3C Plus’s Adam Zarb, H3C Plus will begin the process by conducting a full system audit.

“After the audit the H3C Plus team will produce a report highlighting areas for improvement, as well as presenting innovative recommendations to stakeholders,” Zarb said.

“Wollongong City Council has indicated its intent to upgrade, expand and improve its VMS and this means a key part of the tender process from council’s perspective was insuring it engaged with a professional, qualified, responsive Genetec Public Safety Partner capable of providing complete system support, including corrective and preventative maintenance service.

“Our Genetec certified techs will be migrating the VMS from the existing servers, including the people counting analytics server to the new StreamVault servers, then progressively upgrading the out-of-date cameras across the network,” he said.

“In addition, we will reconfigure all recording parameters to obtain the best outcomes for the available video streams and on a scheduled basis our technicians will check and service all components of the WCC VMS across its entire network to ensure it is fully operational.

“H3C Plus will also be working with stakeholders to present and implement innovation and efficiencies to support the camera safety program.”

According to Zarb, for the duration of the 3-year (+1+1) contract, H3C Plus will install and maintain compatible software updates to server and client machines as they become available, following Genetec’s best practices.

“H3C Plus will also be providing our remote support service deployed from our secure RMS room located in H3C Plus Sydney office,” Zarb said. “This will provide WCC with rapid response to any issues within their VMS, as well as assisting in determining and rectifying faults.”

Zarb said the H3C Plus project manager for the upgrade would be Georgia Lucas, who is delighted to be adding WCC to her client portfolio.

“Georgia has an exceptional record in customer relations and client support and will provide a service that exceeds client expectations,” he said.

You can find out more about H3C Plus here and see more SEN news here.

“H3C Plus Awarded Wollongong Council CCTV Maintenance & Upgrade Contract.”

H3C Plus Awarded Wollongong Council CCTV Contract 2
H3C Plus Awarded Wollongong Council CCTV Contract.
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