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HALO 3C Sensor From BGWT

HALO 3C Sensor From BGWT

♦ HALO 3C Sensor from BGWT is now available in Australia.

According to BGWT’s Stanley El Komala, the HALO 3C Smart Sensor is an IoT device that captures real-time air quality and health index information which sends alerts when either index falls into danger zones.

HALO 3C provides solutions for indoor air quality monitoring, vape detection, THC detection, gunshot detection, emergency key word alerting, audible alerting, light/occupancy alerting, chemical alerting, VOC alerting, tamper alerting as well as temperature, humidity and pressure alerting.

In conjunction with the HALO sensor, the HALO Cloud app allows users to access critical automated reports which allows building owners and administrators to facilitate a healthy indoor environment. It also allows users to receive push notifications from any HALO alerts, initiate 2-way audio communications with security personnel and the ability to trigger a panic button.

“With HALO 3C and the added safety features and custom sensor options, we can address the security and privacy dilemma in significant ways, further providing our clients with true peace of mind,” El Komala said.

You can find out more at your local BGW Technologies branch.

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