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Hanwha Wisenet X-Core AI and X-Plus AI From EOS

Hanwha Wisenet X-Core AI and X-Plus AI series cameras from EOS Australia feature AI-based object detection for false alarm reduction analytics, AI-enhanced image quality, and edge-based business intelligence.

According to EOS, the X-Core and X-Plus cameras feature a suite of license-free, in-camera analytics that improve operator efficiency for both real-time event notification and post-event search. The X-Plus camera line continues the modular design started with the previous generation of X-Plus cameras with a simple magnetic mount for camera modules. Users with existing X-Plus cameras can snap AI-powered X-Plus camera modules in a place where desired.

The new X series cameras utilise AI to detect and classify people, vehicles, faces, license plates, and more in real-time. With a range of available resolutions from 2MP to 4K, the cameras’ deep-learning algorithms can reliably identify multiple distinct objects. False alarms due to non-interesting motion, like wind-blown trees, shadows, or animals are reduced. Analytics act as a second pair of eyes to operators helping them know where to look for important real-time events while making post-event forensic searches highly efficient.

AI can also play an important role in image quality. WiseNR II noise reduction is a new enhancement that utilises AI to identify object movement and reduce blur in noisy, low-light environments. AI-based Preferred Shutter technology automatically adjusts the shutter speed based on classified objects in motion and the lighting conditions in a scene to reduce motion blur and deliver the clearest images.

By utilising the results of AI-based object detection, WiseStream III technology adjusts the video encoder to focus maximum video quality on the detected objects in a scene while scaling back encoding on the rest of the scene. When combined with H.265 compression technology, this user-adjustable feature can provide data reduction of up to 80 percent, depending on the environment.

Wisenet X AI’s Extreme WDR uses scene analysis technology to optimise differences such as tone and contrast during frame synthesis to minimise motion artifacts. In addition, local contrast enhancement technology, which emphasises high-frequency areas step by step, improves the detail and clarity of images.

WiseIR technology adjusts the output of the IR LEDs according to the cameras’ zoom magnification. In a wide field of view, it minimises dark areas on the outside of the image using the IR LEDs uniformly. When the lens is narrowly focused, the IR LEDs are more concentrated to illuminate distant objects.

EOS says AI-based analytics is not just for security, they also bring actionable data to operations, marketing, and sales departments. With AI-based object detection, businesses can obtain highly accurate people counts, queue management data, and heatmaps showing detailed patterns of behaviour.

All cameras come with a range of motorised varifocal lenses offering multiple fields of view to suit project requirements and in addition to supporting all the new features of the X-Core line, X-Plus cameras feature:

* Modular magnetic design to simplify installation and upgrades
* Support for up to 120fps for smoothest motion capture
* Power redundancy failover to prevent reboot if one power source is lost
* Cybersecurity certification – X-Plus Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) is FIPS 140-2 certified
* Longer focal length model available with up to 70-meter IR distance
* Extra range tilt angle up to 85 degrees
* Hard-coated dome bubble
* Power redundancy failover
* X-Core Enhancements
* Cybersecurity certification – TPM2.0 and FIPS 140-2
* Extra range tilt angle up to 75 degrees
* Hard-coated dome bubble.


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