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HID EDGE EVO Solo ESH400-K Networked Controller

HID Global’s EDGE EVO Solo ESH400-K networked controller is a cost-effective, stand-alone, IP-enabled access control solution designed for sites with 1-2 doors utilizing traditional door hardware in an outdoor environment.

Distributing intelligence right to the door, the solution provides the ability to power all devices around a door using PoE, significantly reducing total door installation costs by eliminating the need to install a separate power supply. It also utilizes less expensive CAT5 wiring, compared to traditional structured cable.

The ESH400-K is a single door controller with native interfaces to 4 inputs, 2 outputs and a single Wiegand reader. The controller is optimized for interoperability with any Wiegand or clock-and-data reader. The CAT-5 cable is routed to the ESH400-K which is designed to be located near the door in a secure area, and all door components are wired in a star-network like fashion directly to the controller. The ESH400-K is designed to secure a single door using traditional door components and can work with any Wiegand reader.

The solution does not require additional software to be installed since it is equipped with an easy-to-use user interface provided through a standard web browser. The all-in-one door dashboard user interface enables the site administrator to add user information, modify access rights, pull history reports, monitor door activity and conduct general administration of the controller.

EDGE EVO Solo is built on HID Global’s OPIN development platform and can be remotely reconfigured through the web browser from stand-alone operation to a system controller in a host environment of multiple controllers.

Key Features:

* Connects to any Wiegand or Clock-and-Data reader
* Supports typical door IO – REX, DPS, Lock and Wiegand or Hi-O Reader. (4 inputs and 2 outputs in total).
* Tamper resistant with IP termination located in a secured area for customers not using managed switches or organizations concerned with physically accessible IP cables
* Expandable to support 16 inputs and 6 outputs and a second Wiegand/Clock-and-Data reader
* Manages up to 1000 cardholders/credentials
* Manages 8 schedules and 3 intervals each day.

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