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Hikvision AX Hybrid PRO Alarm

Hikvision AX Hybrid PRO Alarm released.

Hikvision AX Hybrid PRO Alarm Released.

Hikvision AX Hybrid PRO Alarm – Hikvision has released its next-generation AX Hybrid PRO alarm system, offering the combination of reliable wired protection, while delivering expanded flexibility with seamless wireless integration.

AX Hybrid PRO Series is designed to protect small shops, offices, and residential buildings from theft, robbery, and flooding, with instant and visual alarm verification for real assurance.

Hikvision AX Hybrid PRO Alarm Released.

The Speed-X BUS technology enables the AX Hybrid PRO series to offer the right solution for more complicated scenarios with instant alarm verification. The transmission efficiency of the AX Hybrid PRO is 150x higher than traditional technology, with a speed of up to 500Kb/s and this system can protect scenarios with larger areas.

Whether with intrusion videos via integrated IP cameras or HD motion images via the wired PIRCAM, the AX Hybrid PRO series allows end-users and ARCs to receive immediate visual verifications and respond when an alarm occurs.

Whenever there are blackouts or network failures, the AX Hybrid PRO series’ back-up battery and multiple communication methods ensure seamless security operation – you can read more SEN news here or learn more about Hikvision AX PRO here.

“Hikvision AX Hybrid PRO Alarm Released.”

Hikvision AX Hybrid PRO Alarm.
Hikvision AX Hybrid PRO Alarm Released.
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