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Hikvision Launches Convergent Cloud-Based Security Service, Hik-ProConnect

Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, reports it has launched Hik-ProConnect, a convergent, cloud-based security service solution with a suite of signature features and benefits.

With Hik-ProConnect, users can converge Hikvision devices to cover video, intrusion, access control, intercom, and more to address their security needs. Users can also authorise their professional security advisors to complete necessary system management, such as remote system health checks and maintenance.

“Today, millions of devices are being connected into networks, including cameras and other security equipment, making them parts of the IoT world. We believe the security industry is ready for a new type of cloud-based systems and services,” said Frank Zhang, president of the International Product and Solution Center at Hikvision,

“Hik-ProConnect addresses the needs of today’s security market, offering cutting-edge technologies, convergence, and straightforward system configuration and service delivery, greatly boosting users’ security capabilities and providing increased efficiency and peace of mind.”

Hik-ProConnect delivers numerous benefits to users, including:

* Reduced costs – Because the system is cloud-based, it can be deployed on-demand, with no server or local VMS needed, which means no large upfront investment. Through the Hik-ProConnect’s unified web portal, devices can be added in batches and configured quickly, reducing installation time and costs.

* Continuous system up-time – Users who incorporate and authorise Remote System Management and Health Monitoring will enjoy an always-on system supported by their professional security advisors. The Hik-ProConnect portal can identify and resolve device failures, communications loss, and other issues remotely and efficiently; users are automatically notified of the latest updates on their mobile devices.

* Flexible linkage across devices – Hik-ProConnect brings disparate devices together to increase security as a whole, expanding both performance and value for users. This goes above and beyond conventional systems made up of disparate elements. Integration of devices provides users with flexible methods for setting rules for event types, time schedules, and triggered actions. Examples of device linkage include merging intercom calls and intrusion or access events with video verification. The result is a solution that improves situational awareness and thus enhances safety for people and property.

* Easy access using mobile devices – Users can access and manage their connected devices with one login and on one platform from anywhere, at any time. The solution supports both web-based portal and mobile app.

* Guaranteed system security – Hik-ProConnect employs industry-leading standards and protocols for maximum security and reliability. This includes the TLS protocol for private and secure data transmission, a user-defined AES encryption key for stream encryption, and more.

Hikvision says Hik-ProConnect is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses and residential applications including apartments, family homes, factories, chain stores, and offices. For further information on Hik-ProConnect, contact Hikvision distributors.


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