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Hikvision Shows Off Latest Tech

Hikvision Shows Off Latest Tech

♦ Hikvision Shows Off Latest Tech – Hikvision showed off its latest technology alongside Integrate & Security in Sydney recently.

The company brought a number of key releases to a dedicated space where it undertook demonstrations, as well as symposium-style sessions, outlining the capabilities of its new technology.

There were a few products that stood out – the first is the 180-degree Panoramic ColorVu, which I got to see running in the wild recently and was amazed by its ability to deliver full colour in sub 2 lux with no ambient light – and to do so without uncontrolled motion blur.

Other new products included the AX Hybrid Pro alarm and automation panel, which we are looking forward to digging deeper into, a 3-in-1 touchscreen intercom display module, an access control terminal we definitely want to know more about and an interactive display.

A stream of visitors came through the exhibition space to check out Hikvision’s live guard cameras, intercoms, solar system and to see the latest version of HikCentral management software.

IMG 5109 MR IMG 5142 MR IMG 5157 MR IMG 5159 MR IMG 5184 MRAX Hybrid PRO MR Hik MR 1 Hik VMS MR

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