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Hikvision USA Introduces Dedicated Cybersecurity Hotline

Hikvision USA customers can now contact the video surveillance provider for direct support related to cybersecurity concerns. And Chuck Davis, a former IBM executive security architect, has been appointed to serve as cybersecurity director for the company’s North American operations.

Davis has worked for more than 20 years building cybersecurity programmes for large enterprise organizations. He began working for IBM in 1997 and rose to the position of global security operations manager before leaving the company in 2011. He later returned in 2015 as executive security architect, serving in that role for more than two years prior to joining Hikvision.

The company encourages its partners to update all equipment to the latest available firmware. 

“Updating firmware is an effective way to safeguard equipment from cyberattacks and eliminate known vulnerabilities. Firmware updates are available on the Hikvision website,” says Davis.

“Cybersecurity is Hikvision’s top priority,” says Jeffrey He, president of Hikvision’s operations in the United States and Canada. “Innovation and R&D are integral parts of our technology development, and continuous improvements to our cybersecurity support with this hotline solidify our commitment to secure our products even further.” ♦

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