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Hills Showing Aperio At SecTech

Hills Showing Aperio At SecTech

♦ Hills Showing Aperio At SecTech – see Aperio’s R100 card reader, AH40 IP Hub, and E100 V3 Australian escutcheon and find out how Aperio enhances new and existing electronic access control systems.

Aperio R100 card reader is a retrofit solution capable of being installed in minutes that complements virtually any electrified locking device on glass or metal surfaces. The card reader supports 2.4GHz Aperio wireless technology, supports HID multiclass SE card technologies, can integrate with existing access control systems and ID badges, and more.

“The Aperio R100 card reader provides flexible and robust retrofit options for entryways unlike any the industry has seen before,” says Hills’ Jeff Corr.

The AH40 allows the user to connect a maximum of 8 Aperio devices to a single hub via IP (ethernet) connection – which essentially means that the user can tap into a wide range of access control systems and functions thanks to the AH40 connecting different interfaces.

Aperio’s AH40 features that enhance its efficiency include Encrypted Radio Communications, its integrated antenna for a strong connection, and LED status for visual indication.

“The AH40 utilises an Ethernet connection between the Hub and the Tecom C4 system and is designed to communicate with up to 8 Aperio devices within a 25m range powered by an external power supply or PoE 3.5W,” says Corr.

The E100 V3 Australian Escutcheon adds a layer of protection to access-controlled doors and locks like Lockwood mechanical 3772 series mortice locks. It supports multiple RFID credentials and technologies as well as Seos mobile access, allows remote opening and locking functions for functionality, and can store up to 10 override credentials and the last 200 events in the lock.

“Regarding the multi-format card access of this solution, the external side of the door provides for key override entry, whilst the inside lever is designed for emergency egress – which offers a great level of security to the premises,” Corr says.

Don’t miss Hills and other exhibitors showcasing reliable solutions like those from Aperio at this year’s SecTech Roadshow starting in Perth, May 6 – pre-register here!

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