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Hilti Nuron 6D-22 Angle Grinder

Hilti Nuron 6D-22 Angle Grinder

♦ Hilti Nuron 6D-22 Angle Grinder – Hilti’s Nuron 6D-22 is a 6-inch, 21.6V, lithium-ion angle grinder with integrated Nuron diagnostic and reporting technology.

We find angle grinders a bit frightening but there are jobs where nothing else will do, whether it’s tweaking a custom utility pole or camera bracket, dealing with fence poles, trimming steel door frames, or tackling stray reinforcing poking out of adjacent formed concrete because it’s in your camera’s line of sight.

Happily for us, Hilti’s flagship is king of angle grinder safety – the 360-degree Active Torque Control function means the unit senses a tech’s working area and if it quickly leaves that area, the motor shuts off.

Then there’s SensTech – a sensor in the handle that can tell when you have complete control of the tool. If the unit is dropped, placed on a surface, or put away, it senses removal of the tech’s hand and the motor switches off.

Generally, when you think angle grinders with get up and go, you think AC – and AC units still do have more torque – but this 21.6V unit with its 6-cell battery and brushless motor goes hard, even when spinning a big 6-inch grinding disk.

The Nuron features 360-degree active vibration control, slide switch with paddle switch safety and an electronic wheel brake, a 2-position side handle, electronic overheating and overload protection, a wheel brake, compatibility with DG-EX 125/5 and DC-EX 125/5 M dust hoods, and 8500rpm performance for polishing, cutting and grinding.

A neat thing with Nuron tools is that diagnostic and use information is automatically stored on the battery pack and can be uploaded when you place it on the charger, making tool use and wear predictable.

This unit weighs a bit under 3.5kg with the 8Ah battery (there’s a heavier, near 12Ah option), and is a bit over 30cm in length – so it’s a serious bit of kit. Charger options include a Hilti C 4-22 (91W) Compact Charger and a Hilti C 6-22 (241W) Fast Charger, and there’s Hilti’s 20-2-1 warranty program.

The cutting performance of the Nuron 6D-22 is solid, and you really need to try to bind this tool in the cut. Typical use cases are no problem and good work comes down to choosing the right discs for the task, changing disks when they show wear (especially if you’re tackling something new), and using good technique – that includes hand and face safeties.

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