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i-PRO Introducing AI Cameras

i-PRO Introducing AI Cameras

♦ i-PRO introducing AI cameras – i-PRO APAC Oceania will release its mid-range AI cameras with edge analytics on May 2.

The new 4K, 6MP and 5MP resolution cameras are available in indoor and outdoor as well as bullets and domes. All incorporate a built-in AI processor enabling up to 3 different Deep Learning AI applications which run directly on the camera itself. The new line-up is also compatible with the i-PRO Active Guard plug-in (previously called Multi-AI), developed to easily manage AI alarms from the hardware. A Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables third party applications to be easily integrated – giving access to a wide range of automation processes and applications.

The new i-PRO AI range includes:

* 5MP AI Bullet Camera with IR and clear sight coating
* 4K AI Bullet Camera with IR and clear sight coating
* 5MP AI Internal Dome Camera with IR
* 4K AI Internal Dome Camera with IR
* 5MP AI External Dome Camera with IR and clear sight coating
* 4K AI External Dome Camera with IR and clear sight coating.

“This extension to our popular, standard range cameras brings high quality resolution and precision analytics to the mainstream market for the first time,” states Marius Van Der Merwe, i-PRO APAC Oceania director.

“We are continuously expanding our product line-up to meet customer demands. Furthermore, we have recently committed to maintaining prices as well as introducing a quick delivery service to ensure product availability in the face of rapid inflation and industry component shortages.

“All of this underlines the progress we are making to deliver on our mission to be the trusted next generation partner for the security industry. i-PRO’s key strategy is to bring AI to the whole market and to provide its benefits beyond pure security to the wider industry – at zero additional cost.”

The first models in the new S-Series cameras line-up will be available from the end of April, with more models being introduced throughout the winter.

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