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i-PRO X-Series from BGWT

i-PRO X-Series From BGWT Features Powerful Edge Analytics.

BGW Technologies is an electronic security and technology products distributor for system integrators, security installers and trade customers. We provide genuine customer service, based on a thorough understanding of the needs of end customers.

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i-PRO X-Series From BGWT Features Powerful Edge Analytics.

i-PRO X-Series From BGWT – i-PRO’s X Series of video surveillance cameras from BGW Technologies features a suite of powerful edge-AI analytics.

“It’s not often that I’m amazed by the introduction of a new surveillance camera series, but i-PRO has raised the bar with the X-Series,” says Mark Shannon, national product manager at BGW Technologies.

“These cameras stand at the forefront of exciting innovation, harnessing the latest advancements in surveillance technology to deliver unparalleled security solutions.

“Powerful edge-AI analytics enable these surveillance cameras to interpret and contextualise the captured data, providing valuable insights and actionable intelligence.”

Meanwhile, contextual understanding enhances the overall situational awareness and equips security personnel with the necessary information to make informed decisions and responses on the fly,” Shannon explains.

“This is why the new X-Series from i-PRO has impressed me so much – it has the most powerful edge-AI analytics available through the latest Ambarella SoC.

“These SoC’s come with an AI relay app, meaning they can also make non-AI cameras in the same network smart. Incredibly, if you have a non-AI camera on the same network, you can take its video stream (subject to ONVIF and RTSP rules) and perform attribute and object analytics on it – that’s innovation at the forefront.”

i-PRO X-Series From BGWT

According to Shannon, the X-Series AI functionalities are customisable through an on-site deep learning app.

“This means you don’t have to be limited by a fixed set of attributes,” Shannon explains. “Instead, with this series, you can teach the camera to learn to identify objects that have situational relevance in your application.”

“Amazing, too; X-Series cameras have continuous and unlimited learning through shared knowledge across devices, meaning that as one camera learns, it shares that knowledge with other cameras in the network.”

BGW Technologies i-Pro
i-PRO X-Series from BGWT 4

According to Shannon, the highest level of cyber security for data integrity has been built in, ensuring the cameras can be trusted.

“But the feature that makes this line-up a genuine game changer is its ability to house on-board up to 9 AI applications at the camera edge at any given time, as well as to run up to 5 applications simultaneously depending on the camera resolution and size of application” he explains. “This is way more than any other surveillance camera in the market.”

i-PRO X-Series From BGWT

Available in 2, 6, and 8MP (5MP coming in the next quarter), the new X-Series surveillance cameras from i-PRO embody innovation and reliability, setting a new standard for surveillance excellence, according to Shannon.

“To learn more about this amazing series, get in touch with your local BGW Technologies branch,” Shannon says. “We are here every step of the way to help you plan projects and win jobs.”

You’ll find contact details for your local BGW Technologies branch here, and there’s more SEN news here.

“i-PRO X-Series From BGWT Features Powerful Edge Analytics.”


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