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Spider Alarm Highlights

False alarms refer to instances where an alarm system or warning mechanism is triggered without the presence of an actual threat or emergency. Such occurrences can lead to unnecessary panic, wasted resources, and decreased public trust in alarm systems.

Spider Alarm Highlights Maintenance

Spider Alarm Highlights Maintenance Importance, Value Of Sensor Cameras.

Spider alarm highlights maintenance – We’ve talked a bit about challenging alarm applications lately, including the difficulties posed by external environments with a lot of movement combined with high temperatures.

However, a recent internal false alarm activation highlighted 2 relevant points to homeowners and installers. The first point is preventative maintenance – especially in summer when insects are active – to ensure sensors have a clear view of the scene.

The second point is one we’ve made before. Sensor cameras are seriously useful – not only to monitoring stations but to end users trying to assess what steps they need to take after an alarm event. Not only does the camera allow faster response to real intrusion, it gives peace of mind.

In the case of this alarm activation, the event occurred inside the inner ring of a layered alarm installation. This meant the cause of the activation had managed to avoid 2 layers of external protection to generate the alarm – from the point of view of an operator or security manager, this meant the likely cause was a false alarm from a source inside the room. But what was the cause?

Waking blearily to an app siren at 1.30am my first thought on noting only the internal zone had activated was that a rodent had somehow got close to the sensor. There was no chance an intruder could have got into the room undetected by other layers, except from one very unlikely direction that would require a ladder and an approach across Snakes Valley Creek. 

Regardless, while I waited for the low-res video from the sensor to upload, I imagined any one of 3 doors into the protected space opening and a shadowy figure creeping into the room. Instead, the video showed something unexpected – 2 threads of glinting spiderweb and a spider, with movement occurring on both sides of the sensor lens. 

104206 daddy face
The Loving Face of Daddy Long Legs (Spider Alarm)

While web threads and spiders are tiny, in this case they were close enough to the lens to trigger multiple zones, with the sensor escalating its pyro signalling beyond the alarm threshold.  

I guess there’s a third point here – I’m going to need to take some of my own advice about challenging alarm applications next time I get away to the country…

There’s more about the Daddy Long Legs here, or you can read more SEN news here.

“Spider Alarm Highlights Maintenance, Value Of Sensor Cameras.”


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